LED – Plessey Hyperion White Spectrum 230V Lumii Bright 100w – Spectron LED


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LED – Plessey Hyperion White Spectrum 230V Lumii Bright 100w – Spectron LED

Plessey Hyperion White Spectrum – 230v UK

The Hyperion is a full spectrum LED lighting system providing plants with the complete spectral range of light necessary to help them thrive through both the vegetative and flowering stages of growth. The Hyperion features white light of a combination of light of varying wavelengths.

PAR (PPF) output 762 µmol (400nm-700nm)
High umol per watt output (1.9 mol per watt) 
Remote driver to reduce heat load in your growing environment

Lumii Bright 100w LED Grow Light

Lumii Bright 100w LED Grow Light is a professional full spectrum LED fixture. The system is modular therefore comparable to competitors – with a lifespan of 60,000 hours and average efficiency pf 2.07umol/watt.

A perfect addition to any grow room environment the full spectrum fixture is more efficient than HPS – as it cleverly uses two different Lumii led Luxeon chips on a single board to provide an all round white spectrum with added far red. Your plants will have consistent growth, produce greater yield and taste better.


Lumii Bright 100w LED Grow Light Coverage:
Growing – The amount of light required will depend on the size and development of your plants. As a guide for seedling and cuttings a 100w LED module will cover up to 1m2. Small medium sized plants you will need 2 x 100w LED modules per 1m2.

Flower – To replace a 600w HPS you will need to use 450-500w of LED’s, Lumii Bright 100w LED Grow Lights cover 0.28m2 or 5 x 100w modules in a 1.2m x 1.2m space.

Flowering mixed with HPS – If you had two 600w HPS lights remove one and add up to 5 x 100w LED’s to deliver the same level of light.

What is included with each Lumii Bright 100w LED Grow Light:
100w LED Module, 2m power cable, 40cm IEC link cable and instructions.

Easy to hang using the pre-drilled holes in fixture body, LED Grow Light modules can be connected together using link extension leads, up to 5 LED fixtures can be mounted together with the additional purchase of hanging brackets..


Spectron LED Boosters

The new Spectron Light Science LED Boosters are now available in three LED lighting options. These are designed to help complement existing lighting systems.


The BLUVEGETATOR will add vital blue and green light that is low in HPS lamps. This will help plants grow more compact and bushy and avoid any stretching to the light.

The FRPENETRATOR adds essential Far Red spectrum light. This helps to increase flavonoids and oil production as well as increasing generative growth and flowering sites.

The SMARTBOOSTER is a combination of the BLUVEGETATOR AND FRPENETRATOR giving the best of both lighting options. This allows you to switch lighting boosters depending on the stage of plant growth.


The Spectron Light Science LED Boosters are designed to work alongside standard lighting systems to provide an increase in light uniformity and spectrum. They can be placed in areas of limited light penetration within the canopy or at the edges of growrooms.


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