Jiffy 7 – 36-Site Propagation Tray with Large 50mm x 95mm Jiffy Plugs


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Jiffy 7 – 36-Site Propagation Tray with Large 50mm x 95mm Jiffy Plugs

The 36-Site propagation tray is the perfect way to germinate 36 seeds or take 36 cuttings.

The large Jiffy Plugs it holds create a bigger rooting area than standard plugs and the spacing’s in the tray’s framework leave plenty of room for young plants to develop before they’re ready for transplantation.

This propagation tray is ideal for germinating 36 seeds or taking 36 cuttings. It holds 36 large-sized Jiffy Plugs in a 6 x 6 grid. Jiffy Plugs are made from dried and compressed peat. The peat is lightly fertilised, sterile, pH-adjusted and fabric-wrapped before being compressed and dehydrated. Jiffy Plugs also contain a ready-made hole for putting your cutting or seeds in to. A thin fabric wrapping ensures that the plugs will not fall apart, but roots are able to penetrate it easily. Each large plug is 5cm in diameter and 2.5cm tall when dry. Once hydrated, they will grow in height to around 9.5cm.

The tray has been designed from the ground up to accommodate these particular plugs, with a sturdy framework that allows them to expand in height while containing the side areas and providing lots of aeration for the rootzone. The spacings between each plug allow cuttings and seedlings to grow through their initial stages without there being too much overlap, which has quite a negative effect if leaves become shaded by other leaves and lose contact with direct light. This helps to improve success rates and allows young plants to be developed further before transplantation to a new container or larger rooting cube. Strong cuttings and seedlings produce stronger full-sized plants – the 36-Site Propagation Tray will give your indoor garden the best start possible.

Tough, custom framework holds 36 x Jiffy Plugs on a 6 x 6 grid

Just soak and swell plugs in water for an hour or so before use.
Each plug is individually wrapped in thin fabric and will not fall apart
Made with lightly fertilised, sterile and pH-adjusted peat
Large-sized plugs for a bigger root zone
Lots of space between each rooting plug
Provides lots of aeration for enhanced root development
Produces healthy, robust cuttings and seedling with excellent success rates
Very easy to use

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