IWS pro 100 Litre Flexi Tank with Pipes and Pump Kit Hydroponics


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IWS Pro 100 Litre Flexi Tank with Pipes and Pump Kit

Easy to store, transport, set-up and use – the 100 Litre Flexi Tank is one of those great ideas that was bound to happen sooner or later!

The Flexi Tank packs up flat and can be set up in minutes, making it far more convenient than any rigid plastic tank – brilliant!

This version of the 100 litre Flexi Tank contains everything you need to use it with an IWS  system, including the Maxi-jet 1000 pump, fittings and flexi pipe.

This kit contains everything required to install a Flexi Tank for use with an IWS set-up, including irrigation fittings, flexi pipe, pump and power connection.

Rigid plastic reservoirs can be awkward to store, transport and get into certain places. The Flexi Tank is a simple and elegant solution to those problems. The main tank fabric is made from thick, strong and flexible material with a zippered lid and the whole thing folds up flat, like a tent, for easy storage. The five support legs slide easily into ready-made vertical slots in the fabric and hold the Flexi Tank in shape vertically.

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