IWS Dwc Inner Pot 6.5 litre – Aqua Pot For Iws Hydroponics


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IWS Inner Pot 6.5 litre – Aqua Pot

The IWS Inner Pot sits inside a separately available IWS Outer Pot as part of an IWS System and houses your choice of substrate. The Aqua Inner is effectively a net pot, with drainage areas covering most of the bottom and sides. It is best used with free draining mediums with low water retention, such as clay pebbles.

How the IWS Inner Pot Works:

IWS Systems take the hard graft out of growing indoors by automating the watering process. Nutrient solution is housed inside a reservoir and pumped into a separate ‘Brain Pot’ which floods individual containers to the correct level and for the correct duration (this process does differ depending on the particular method).

 In a flood and drain set-up, each individual container sits on an IWS pot stand and consists of two parts – an inner pot and an outer pot. The outer pot is connected to the system via a gland and creates an area for flooding the root system and substrate. The inner pot sits on top and is used to house your choice of growing medium. This particular version is optimized for use with free draining media, such as clay pebbles, having the characteristics of a net pot, with a mesh bottom and sides.

Using the IWS Inner Pot:

The IWS inner pot fits inside a separately available IWS outer pot. The outer pot is connected to the system via a gland at the bottom and sits on top of an IWS pot stand. The inner pot can be filled with suitable substrate and your chosen plant can then be potted up. As always, take great care when handling root systems to reduce stress as much as possible.

Once your plant is potted up, the inner pot can be positioned on top of the outer and your system can be turned on. Please read the descriptions for our range of IWS kits for comprehensive information on how to operate your system.

  • An official IWS product
  • Forms part of a complete watering solution
  • Ideal for hydroponic media, like clay pebbles
  • Free-flowing drainage
  • Holds 6.5 litres of substrate
  • Mesh bottom and sides
  • Made from tough, durable plastic

The IWS Inner Pot Contains:

1 x IWS Inner Pot – Aqua


185mm (h) x 285mm (d)

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IWS Inner Pot 6.5 litre


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