IWS 6 Pot Flood and Drain System Full Inc Stands & Remote Timer Complete – 100L


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IWS 6 Pot Flood and Drain System Full Inc Stands & Remote Timer Complete – 100L Tank

IWS manufacture the finest hydroponics systems on the market to date. IWS systems have quickly become the choice for the connoisseur grower.

The IWS 6-Pot kit is a completely auatomated flood and drain system that automatically feeds your plants from a main reservoir and is controlled by a a brain bucket and timer that gives you complete control over your flood and drain feeding regime.

The IWS Flood and Drain System is a very sophisticated hybrid ebb and flow system, which works by flooding from the bottom of each individual 10.3 litre pot. The system uses gravity to send water to the pots and only uses pumps to fill and drain the main 25 litre control bucket which has two quality magnetic float-switches mounted inside to control the power to the pumps in both the tank and the controller bucket. These floats control the flood level in the growing medium precisely to stop any over watering or flooding. As the water is forced through the buckets and growing media, it expels all the stale air in the media surrounding the root ball and replaces it with fresh oxygen as it drains away which gives your plants a great boost every time the system feeds

The IWS Flood System from Intelligent Watering Systems is a refined modular flood and drain system which has hugely advanced the design of this type of system. Featuring sloped stands for each pot to ensure full drainage, large 9 Litre pots to house extensive root mass and modular controller design so that in the unlikely event of equipment failure it is simply a component change rather than a full system replacement – the IWS has really progressed flood and drain systems with the grower in mind. The modular pot design of the IWS allows you to move plants around the system to ensure even growth, it enables you to customise your plant layout to suit your room and it allows you to expand your system over time if desired.

The IWS 6-Pot Flood and Drain System contains:

  • 100 litre tank with pumps
  • Brain pot with timer
  • 6 pots and stands
  • 6 elbows
  • 6 sealing glands
  • 10 metres of pipe

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