Ionic Pack – Hydro Grow+Bloom HW + PK Boost & Gree Fusse – Root+Grow+Bloom 100ml


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Ionic Pack – Hydro Grow + Bloom HW + PK Boost & Gree Fusse – Root+Grow+Bloom 100ml


IONIC is a translucent liquid containing a full profile of precisely formulated minerals. It can supply all the nutritional requirements of fast growing plants, especially those grown under lights. The unique process by which IONIC is made allows us to stabilise the pH and for the majority of growers it will need very little adjustment at all.
IONIC nutrients are supplied in two distinct formulations. The GROW formulation is designed to supply the needs of the plant during the vegetative stage of its growth cycle. IONIC BLOOM formulations are dedicated to the fruiting and flowering stage of plant growth, containing enhanced levels of phosphorus and potassium, the elements required for development of buds and flowers.

Ionic PK Boost is the new bloom booster form Ionic. Ionic PK Boost is a higher concentration than the former Ionic Boost and is used weekly rather than every watering. Ionic PK Boost is designed to work in the flowering phase of a plant’s growth and promotes bigger yields and higher quality harvests.

Ionic Boost is an easy-to-use flowering booster for plants grown with any of the Ionic Bloom nutrients (i.e Ionic Hydro Bloom, Ionic Coco Bloom or Ionic Soil Bloom). Ionic PK Boost helps to produce bigger harvests and to improve the quality of grown fruits and flowers. During flowering, plants need extra phosphorous and potassium (PK). Ionic PK Boost is a supplement containing extra PK and iron that plants need for heavy blooming. Ionic Boost is really simple to use but still produces very pleasing results. Ionic PK Boost can be used with almost any grow-system, substrate and nutrient except organics.

GreenFuse Root contains a profile of natural ingredients that will help to initiate new roots and nourish the young plant as it becomes established. It can be used at all stages of the propagation process and is beneficial to all young plants. It can be applied to seedlings or to young plants from flask. It will reduce shock and help the young plant to become established.

GreenFuse Root is ideal to mix with Formulex nutrient solution to give your plants the best possible start

GreenFuse Grow is based on natural plant extracts that will maximise the potential of the plant to produce strong shoots and healthy leaves. It can be used at all stages of vegetative growth.

GreenFuse Bloom is based on natural plant extracts that will maximise the potential of the plant to produce large, colourful flowers. It can be used throughout the flowering cycle.

GreenFuse Bloom is highly concentrated and helps to deliver stunning flowering performance for your plants

GreenFuse Stimulators are 100% organic and have no negative residual effect on plants, people or the environment. They can be used safely and with confidence in the garden, the greenhouse or the indoor grow room.


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