IONIC Hydro Grow & Blomm and PK Boost Hard Water 5 L Pack


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Growth Technology Ionic Grow, Bloom & Pk Boost HARD WATER 5 L PACK

IONIC is manufactured from the purest and most soluble mineral salts, not from harsh industrial chemicals, and is very gentle for the plant.

Do your flowering plants lack luster and vigour?

Does your garden’s harvest seem smaller than it should? Ionic is a revolutionary fertilizer that will end your gardening woes and bring beautiful, full blossoms to all of your plants. This innovative professional feeding formula is balanced for optimum growth without harmful excess nutrients.

Ionic for Hydro!

Are you looking for a support system that will make your plants take off towards the sky and bloom more beautifully than ever before? Ionic nutrients are an important part of helping your garden reach its maximum potential. A plant enhancer, this package works through both the vegetative and flowering stages of your plants life to provide nutrients and minerals vital to your plant’s health. If you’re interested in letting your garden reach its full potential, order today.

The secret’s in the formula. In addition to other nutrients, this mix includes Potassium and Phosphorous, vital to supporting the growth of flowers and fruits in the weeks before harvest. Additionally, this mixture contains buffer which can help to balance the pH of your plant’s soil environment. The recommended pH range for this product is from pH 5.5 to pH 6.2, which is the optimum range to support growth with this formulation.

Ionic Plant Feed in 3 Stages

First, the Grow mixture helps to support plants as they’re developing through vegetative state. After that, you’ll use the Ionic Bloom mixture, which helps to support plants through their flowering stage. In the final few weeks before you harvest your plant, you’ll use the Boost formula, which is designed to promote larger yields in your plant crop. Each formulation is tailor made to help the plant thrive through each stage of growth.

You can’t afford not to go with Ionic plant nutrients

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