Ionic Coco Propagation Tent Kit Complete Coco Based Grow Kit


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Ionic Coco Propagation Tent Kit…..

A complete coco based grow kit to enable propagation from both seed and cutting.

Another simple one-part grow and one-part bloom nutrient, Growth Technology Ionic Coco is good value for money, simple to use and produces consistent results.

Ionic Coco features additional humic and fulvic acids to support rapid growth throughout the plant’s lifecycle.

Being a one-part feed makes things easier for anyone new to growing with coco and the low price and forgiving nature of this nutrient combined with good results makes it a much underrated product in our opinion.

Pack contains

1 x Liquid Silicon 250ml

Gives strength and resilience to your crop.

1 x Easi Roll Twin Pack

A simple yet effective way to hang light reflectors.

1 x pH Down 250ml

Required to control the pH of nutrient solutions.

Vital to ensure optimum plant performance.

1 x Medium Unheated Propagator

Gives seedlings and young plants the best possible enviroment.

1 x Formulex 500ml

A complete balanced nutrient solution, ideal for hydroponics and general soil gardening.

1 x Clonex 50ml

Rooting hormone gel for for root stimulation in cuttings.

Highly Recommended.

1 x Scalpel

Used to take cuttings and trim plants.

1 x 6"Clip Fan

Great for small spaces and growtents.

1 x T5 2ft 2 Tube High Efficiency Plant Lighting

T5 High Efficiency Plant Lighting.

1 x Heavy Duty Plug & Grow Timer

IP44 rated 15 minute segment timer.

1 x Secret Jardin DP90 Propagation Grow Tent

The Secret Jardin DP90 grow tent is one of the best value for money propagation grow tents on the market.

Dimensions H60cm W90cm H60cm

2 x 5ml Pipette

Ideal for accurate measurement of liquids.

1 x 10ml Syringe

Used to accurately measure nutrients/liquids.

1 x 100mm Vents TT Mixed Flow Inline Fan

Air Flow can be switched between 145m3/h and 187m3/h.

Decibel rating @ 187m3/h 35 dBA.

24 x CoCo Jiffy Pellet Single

Jiffy offers the convenience of the proven Jiffy plug system in combination with the excellent Coco Coir growing medium.

1 x CANNA Coco Professional Plus 

This is the well known CANNA COCO that we have seen for years! And cleared the way for growing on Coco indoors.

24 x square 10cm Plant Pot 

An excellent value for money round plant pot.

1 x 5L Bucket with Lid

Used to mix and store water/nutrients.

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