Ionic – Coco Grow & Bloom Organic Coco Grow Stage & Flowering Stage Hydroponics


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Ionic – Coco Grow & Bloom – Organic Coco Grow Stage & Flowering Stage


IONIC is a unique single pack nutrient designed to deliver the complex profile of mineral elements a plant needs, in an easy-to-use format.

Growth Technology’s research has enabled all essential elements to be combined in a single pack. Most importantly, these are stable in solution and delivered in the correct ratios required by plants. IONIC is also pH stable giving the grower easy control over nutrient solution and trouble-operation.

IONIC contains 14 essential elements at both macro and micro levels supporting rampant growth and superb harvests.


IONIC delivers every time.


Delivers stunning results
Easy to use
pH stable
IONIC often copied, never bettered….
Many growers prefer to use natural media in which to grow plants. Nutrition for these media is more complicated than it is for inert media such as Perlite. After research and experimentation, it has been found that the best results with these biological mediums are obtained by a combination of mineral and organic nutrients. This is, after all, how plants obtain nutrients in nature. IONIC nutrients for coco are powerfully enriched with complex organic plant acids, to increase nutrient uptake and enhance growth rates and yields.


IONIC for COCO: a blend of the best in mineral and organic nutrients – the natural system


Designed to supply optimal nutrition to plants in coco. It is loaded with pure humic and fulvic acids to support extreme growth. Now available in separate formulations for GROW and BLOOM.

IONIC Nutrients for Coco

Formulated with pure, soluble mineral salts, enriched with complex organic plant acids.
Now available in separate formulations for the grow and bloom phases of growth.
Specific formulations for natural media.
Single part simplicity and stabilised pH.
Gentle plant friendly solutions that come the closest to natural systems.


Green plants depend upon mineral (inorganic) elements as a primary source of nutrition. Plants in a natural state draw nutrients from a sort of nutrient solution, known as the “soil-water”. This is made up of mineral elements dissolved out of rock fragments in the surrounding soil; it is therefore a “mineral solution”. Hydroponic nutrient solutions are a replacement for the soil-water and are usually formulated to the exact needs of the plant. However the soil-water contains much more than minerals; in healthy soil it is a rich repository of organic compounds that plants can make use of. These agents are derived from decaying plant and animal material, and from the relentless activity of soil bacteria and detritivores. These include the complex plant acids that can massively assist the plant to assimilate the mineral nutrients it depends upon. It is surely clear that natural systems thrive on the combination of mineral and organic nutrients – the combination found in IONIC nutrient formulations for soil and coco.


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