Ionic – Coco Bloom 5L – Organic Coco Flowering Plant Nutrients


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Ionic Coco Bloom 5 Litre

Ionic Coco Bloom is a great one-part nutrient for flowering plants grown on Coco. Ionic is very simple to use but still gives you excellent results!

Many growers prefer to use natural media in which to grow their plants. Nutrition for these media is more complicated than it is for inert media such as Perlite. After our research and experimentation we are convinced that best results with these biological mediums will be obtained by a combination of mineral and organic nutrients. This is, after all how plants obtain nutrients in nature. IONIC nutrients for coco are powerfully enriched with complex organic plant acids, to increase nutrient uptake and enhance growth rates and yields.


Designed to supply optimal nutrition to plants in coco. It is loaded with pure humic and fulvic acids to support extreme growth.

IONIC Nutrients for Coco

  • Formulated with pure, soluble mineral salts, enriched with complex organic plant acids.
  • Now available in separate formulations for the grow and bloom phases of growth.
  • Specific formulations for natural media.
  • Single part simplicity and stabilised pH.
  • Gentle plant friendly solutions that come the closest to natural systems.

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