Ice-O-Lator – Crystal Catching Bags – Pyramid Zipper Bag & 25mc & 38 mc & 45mc


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Ice-O-Lator – Crystal Catching Bags – Pyramid Zipper Bag & 25mc & 38 mc & 45mc and Ice-O-Later – Pro 3 bag set 

The Ice-O-Lator – PRO Pack bags 220mc, 70mc, 25mc

The Ice-O-Lator® -Pro is newest model!!

It is made of a SUPERIOR material that is more durable and flexible

Super smooth

The set includes:

working bag 220 μm
crystal catching bag 70 μm
crystal catching bag 25 μm


BUBBLEATOR bag – Pyramid Zipper

Small Pyramid Zipper Bag for the Bubbleator® B-Quick
Screen: 220 micron
Capacity: 350 g dry plant material

Pro tip:
Secure the zipper with a tie-rip before you begin.
This is a quick and easy way to ensure that your pyramid bag will not open due to the movement in the washing machine, thus preventing any plant material from escaping into your machine.


BUBBLEATOR bag – Ice-O-Lator 25 micron 5 gallon

Ice-o-Lator catching bag 25 micron
Diameter: 30 cm

20 l/5 gal bucket required (not included)

If you do not want to waste a single resin gland, this is the bag for you!

The 25 micron bag is a great addition for your existing water and ice crystal separation set.
It will enable you to achieve the highest possible yield by collecting even the smallest trichomes.

Please note:
This bag drains rather slowly. Due to its exceedingly small screen size it takes quite some time for water to pass through.
Moreover, the 25 micron bag tends to catch dust particles and very small leaf fragments along with the super-mini crystals.


BUBBLEATOR bag – Ice-O-Lator 38 micron 5 gallon  

Ice-o-Lator catching bag 38 micron
Diameter: 30 cm

20 l/5 gal bucket reqiured

Part of the original water and ice bag system.

This bag makes an excellent addition to your existing Small Ice-O-Lator® set, catching the mini-crystals while still allowing most plant fragments and dust particles to pass through with the water.

Tip for quick draining:
As this screen is very fine, your water will just trickle through, especially once the bottom of the bag is covered in crystals.
To speed up the process we recommend holding the bag by the cord-seam (thumb facing up) and rythmically shaking the bag up and down. This moves trichomes away from the mesh and forces water out.
Use gravity and inertia: Pull the bag up while the water is going down. Once you have found the rythm, this will considerably speed up the draining.
Beware of splashes and leave a small air-intake opening at the top of the bag.

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