Hydroponic,Coco & Soil Nutrients,Grow & Bloom Boosters DISCOUNT SPECIAL OFFER


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Hydroponic,Coco & Soil Nutrients,Grow & Bloom Boosters DISCOUNT SPECIAL OFFER

Scorpion Juice by Advanced Nutrients

Scorpion Juice acts as a vaccination for your plants by inducing systemic acquired resistance (SAR) in the plant cells. Once this mechanism is triggered, the plant quickly builds an immune response to a diverse variety of pathogens.

Your crops are in a war for survival, no matter how much control you exert over your agricultural environment. That’s why Advanced Nutrients created a powerful weapon that strengthens your crop’s defenses against harmful pathogens, stress, and drought. This weapon is Scorpion Juice. Scorpion Juice is a premier, exclusively-formulated product that turns on the immune system of plants and orchard trees so they are on alert to defend themselves against hostile conditions.



Gives a natural boost to the crop during the growing and flowering period. Contains all components for the citric acid cycle. Especially developed for cultivation on soil.



Gives a natural boost to the crop during the growing and flowering period. Contains all components for the citric acid cycle. Especially developed for cultivation on coco.


Advanced Nutrients Humic Acid H2 1Litre

Grandma Enggy’s Humic Acid is packed full of goodness, one of the families most guarded secrets.

Extra pure humic acid will increase the soils water holding ability, improves soil workability, promotes conversion of a number of elements into forms available for plant growth, promotes extremely high ion exchange capabilities, increases buffering and seed germination and stimulates the plants natural enzymes.

Directions of use: Hydroponics 2.5 – 5ml per litre of water, use through entire cycle.

Seedlings and cuttings 5ml per litre of water.

Soil 5ml per litre of water, use 1-2 times weekly during vegetative period.

Field Marshal – Bliss Bud – 275ml, Bliss Bud – 1L, Double Bud – 100ml

Bliss Bud
Bliss Bud is a natural flowering additive to enhance size, aroma, flavour and quality. It provides a balanced reaction across all aspects of flowering for a fast full potential flowering response and boosts chlorophyll and vegetable tissue synthesis by maximising photosynthetic sugar production and micro nutrient transportation to produce the highest quality fruit and vegetables.
Suitable for all types of growing systems and media.

Double Bud
Formulated for soil and coco
Increase yield, health and vigour by up to 25 %
Add nutrient solution for 3 weeks only (e.g. flower wk 4-6)
Double Bud is suitable for all flowering plants, providing a massive flowering response increasing yields by up to 25%
Double Bud contains L-form amino acids, proteins, chitinase and polypeptides derived from aquatic plants, shells and various plant life
Combined with vitamin C and trace minerals forming a complex food for this vital flowering period


Bloom – Coco Flower A+B 1L, Bloom – Coco Grow A+B 1L, Bloom – PK 1L, Bloom – PK 300ml, Bloom – PHAT 300ml, Bloom – SeaFuel 300ml, Bloom – Humate 300ml, Bloom – Groigen 300ml

Bloom Advanced Floriculture Coco Grow A + B
From The Manufacturer:
A highly concentrated hybrid, buffered base nutrient
Dedicated vegetative cycle base nutrient
More suited to vegetative cycles over 2 weeks

Bloom Advanced Floriculture – PK
Promotes flowering in the plant through phosphorus and potassium availability
Highly concentrated with potassium solubilised with phosphorus
Potassium and phosphorus are important elements that promote flowering
Only used in a ‘run to waste system’
In the ‘bloom Advanced Floriculture’ system you do not need to reduce your fertilizer application to use this product
Contains potassium and phosphorus.

Bloom Advanced Floriculture – Phat
Promotes flower development through various natural minerals and plant extracts
Will increase flower size, flower width and flower weight
The phosphorus and potassium natural minerals are extracted from plants and ancient sea beds.
In the ‘bloom Advanced Floriculture’ system you do not need to reduce your fertilizer application to use this product
Contains various natural plant extracts, natural minerals, fulvic acid, vitamins and amino acids.

Bloom Advanced Floriculture – Seafuel
Promotes a healthy plant through fish hydrolysate, natural plant extracts and fulvic acid
The cold composted kelp promotes natural hormones, minerals and vitamins that assist the plant in stress conditions
Fulvic acid assists the plant with macro and micro nutrient absorption and provides fuel for micro organism multiplication
Contains cold composted blue fin tuna, cold composted kelp and fulvic acid.

Bloom Advanced Floriculture – Humate
Promotes a healthy plant through natural mineral availability
The forms of humate in this product assist the plant to perform at its best by increasing the availability of macro and micro nutrients through it’s natural chelation process
Humates are a fuel source for microorganisms to consume carbon and multiply within the growing medium to maintain a healthy system
If doing a complete organic grow this product can be used as nutrient supplement together with ‘bloom Advanced Floricultures’ other organic nutrients

Bloom Advanced Floriculture Groigen
Promotes branch and leaf development through natural plant extracts
Use as a foliar application during the clone/grow stages
Promotes lush, green and healthy plants that will fill your growing space faster
Gives plants the ability to photosynthesize more as the leaf size will increase
Great for clones as a supplemental feed
Contains various natural plant extracts, natural minerals, fulvic acid, vitamins and amino acids.


BioGreen – PK – BioZym – Bio 2 Bloom – Calgel 

Bio Green – PK 13-14
BioGreen PK 13-14-TE is a high quality plant nutrient with all the macro- and micro-elements that are needed for the reinforcement of the flower formation on any medium.
PK 13-14-TE is an advanced PK 13-14 to which some ‘Trace elements’ have been added to ensure that the phosphorus and potassium supported in their operation.

Bio Green – Bio Zym
BIOZYM is an extremely important biocatalyst from plant waste. It is a high biotechnology product consisting of 24 important enzyme complexes. Are also added a number of important co-enzymes that the enzyme activity is still let proceed optimally. In addition, the product is enriched with a number of vitamins and minerals that play a role in the transport of released food elements, and vitamins which strengthen the cell wall. This resistance is significantly increased and stimulated root growth.

Bio Green – Bio 2 Bloom
At Bio 1 and Bio 2, the NPK and micro-elements balance is specially formulated for the highest possible yield from the plant.
The raw materials of Bio Bio 1 and 2 are of very high purity, making it possible to realize a high-NPK ratio without disturbing the plant.
The quality of these materials, they will never clog the vat or irrigation system. Once prepared with water will also EC no longer expire.

Bio Green – Calgel
Calgel is a unique product. The basis of the product is nitrogen and calcium in a given connection. This compound is a building block for the plant cell walls, which results in a compact, heavier fruit.
This product also protects 90% against most fungi and rotziektes. Additional calcium in the medium ensures that the ions of other nutritional easier release of the colloidal particles and the plant therefore has more nutritional building blocks.


 Cyco Range – Bloom – Supa Stiky – Potash – Dr Repair – Suga Rush

Cyco – Bloom A+B
Cyco Platinum Series Bloom A is a primary source of pharmaceutical grade nitrates which are vital for photosynthesis, the making of amino acids, enzymatic formation, and cell division. With pharmaceutical grade ingredients, Cyco Platinum Series Bloom A provides certifiably the cleanest form of this crucial component to plant growth.
Cyco Bloom B is the second of the two parts to make up the base nutrient system for the flowering stages of a plants growth.
Cyco Platinum Series Bloom B is a primary source of pharmaceutical grade phosphorous and potassium which are vital for photosynthesis. Phosphorus is a vital component in manufacturing adenosine triphosphate, a primary unit of energy manufactured by photosynthesis that is then consumed by the plant to carry out necessary metabolic functions.

Cyco – Supa Stiky
Cyco Platinum Series Supa Stiky will help increase plant resin production and also aid in fruit size and fruit quality
100% Synthetic And Safe For Food Production
Increase Essential Oil Production In Plants
Heightens Production Of Terpene And Terpenoid
Increased Aroma And Flavor
Fruit Size And Quality Noticeably Increased

Cyco – Potash plus
Cyco Potash Plus strengthens plants and aids in water retention which improves yields and transportability. Cyco Potash Plus also makes a positive contribution to the environment by balancing other nutrients, especially nitrate, to make sure they are taken-up and used by plants efficiently, so as avoiding losses which may be harmful to the plant
Used In The First Half Of Flowering During Weeks 1-4
Works To Aid In Water Retention And Prevent Wilting
Works To Strengthen And Form Superior Plant Tissues
Works To Set And Form Large, Vibrant Flowers

Cyco – Dr Repair
Cyco Dr. Repair treats chlorosis and environmental stresses. Chlorosis is a yellowing of leaf tissue due to a lack of chlorophyll. Possible causes of chlorosis include poor drainage, damaged roots, compacted roots, high alkalinity and more importantly nutrient deficiencies in the plant
Essential for strong development of new cuttings.

Cyco – Suga Rush
Cyco Suga Rush may enhance flowering when used in hydroponic and soil-free systems such as coco peat.
Suga Rush contains potassium which is essential for the translocation of sugars.
Maximizes your plants bloom potential.
Increased taste and aroma.
Guaranteed largest blooms.
Bigger stronger fruit.


House & Garden – Bud-XL
Bud-XL is designed to increase the size and robustness of the flowers, resulting in an increase in fruit production and greater turnover.
Start adding to the nutrient solution after the first flowers are formed. This is the period when the storage bracts lose their function; Bud-XL ensures that the plants energy is no longer used for keeping the bracts, extracts their sugars, exporting them to the flowers or fruits.

House & Garden – Stimulator 1
Rapid root development
This powerful root stimulator helps transport nutrients within the plant and speeds up the cell-splitting process which creates a large healthy root system.
Root Stimulator protects roots against harmful bacteria and fungi and improves the root environment which makes it easy for good bacteria and fungi to get to work.
Use: In the first 5 weeks of the growth cycle. Can be used in Hydro, Coco and Soil.
Dilution: 1ml of Root Stimulator1 to 1 litre of nutrient solution.

Dry flower 4
Do you want to ensure all nutrients and residues are cleared from the plant during the final stages of growth? Then use Dry Flower Clearing Solution as it greatly increases yield at the end of the crop by stressing the roots to drive minerals to the reproductive flowers where they are converted into bigger flowers.

Dry Flower Clearing Solution is not a plant food!

Hy-Pro SprayMix Ready To Use
Hypro have been an award winning dutch nutrient formulation company for over 2 decades.
Everyone can imagine the effect of a refreshing downpour on a thirsty plant. The same effect can be reached with HY-PRO Spraymix. This product provides leaves with nutrition, so they can comfortably breathe.

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