Hesi – Starter Kit Coco – For Beginners & Experienced Growers Hydroponics


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Hesi – Starter Kit Coco – For Beginners & Experienced Growers Hydroponics


Hesi Start Box Coco is a complete set of fertilizers and accessories for beginner growers in coconut substrates and mats. When purchasing this set, you will no longer need to buy additional fertilizers.

The set contains the following products:
1L Hesi Coco – NPK type fertilizer intended for growing in coconut substrates and coconut mats; designed for growing and flowering phases
1L Hesi PK 13/14 – a fertilizer supplement that has extra portions of potassium and phosphorus for your flowers and plants; designed for flowering
0.5 l TNT Complex – universal soil fertilizer type NPK, supports growth and vitality of plants; intended for the growth phase
500ml – Hesi Root Complex- root stimulator, used as a supplement to basic fertilizers, improves the intake of fertilizer and activates microorganisms; intended for growth phase
500ml Hesi PowerZyme – an enzyme preparation used as a supplement to the basic series of fertilizers, supports the growth and growth of the root system; designed for both growth and flower phases
10 ml Hesi SuperVit – a complementary product full of amino acids and vitamins, used to supplement the basic series of fertilizers and stimulate production; intended for growth and flower phases


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