Heavy Duty Round Net Pot 140mm Propagation, Aeroponics,Flood & Drain,Hydroponics


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Heavy Duty Round Net Pot 140mm

Net pots are made from tough plastic which is highly resistant to splitting and cracking. They are strong enough for many grows. Net pots are not designed to contain roots.

 They are made with a large amount of holes in them which allow roots to penetrate through and out into your nutrient solution. Our net pots have a lip for easy mounting into a surface such as a container lid.

These heavy duty net pots are designed to support larger plants offer the potential for bigger growth and be re-used.

Made to a high standard from recycled plastic, these net pots feature wider hole spacing for better root development and aeration.

Extremely useful for propagation, aeroponics, flood and drain, drip feed, NFT systems or for your own DIY system.

We recommend using Clay pebbles, Vermiculite, Perlite or Rockwool to fill these are a medium for your plants.

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