Hailea HX8810 – 1050 L/Hr Submersible Water Pump


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Hailea HX8810 – 1050 L/Hr Submersible Water Pump
The large filter screen on this unit prevents impurities from passing through the pump and on into piping systems, lowering the chances of blockages and improving levels of efficiency when used with hydroponic systems.
Blockages and equipment failures can lead to root-systems drying out – when this happens there is only a small timeframe to correct issues before plants start to suffer irreversible damage.
Using a pump with the quality of the Hailea HX8810 helps to ensure that the chances of this are greatly reduced.
The HX8810 fits pipe with an internal diameter of 19mm.

Corrosion-resistant ABS plastic casing
Mounted suction cups
High-quality resin helps to form a sealed unit
Reliable – engineered for continuous use
Large sized, quality filter screen
The Hailea HX8810 is perfect for use in hydroponic systems that require the movement of nutrients to-and-from container areas, such as flood and drain, run to waste-systems, dripper systems, etc.

Power: 17 watts

Frequency: 50/60Hz

Flow: 1000L/H

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