Hailea 4″ 10cm 100mm Grey Large Flat Circular Air Stone Aquariums & Hydroponics


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Hailea 4" (100mm) Flat Circular Air stone

The Hailea 4" (100mm) Flat Circular Air stone is a 4 inch diameter "slab" of porous stone. An inlet nodule is located on the inside of the ring to allow the air stone to be connected to an air pump via a length of air line. When connected to an air pump, the air will exit the air stone through the many pores in the stone. When the air stone is submerged in water or a nutrient solution, the effect is that many small bubbles are produced and released from the surface of the stone. The bubbles create movement in the water or nutrient solution keeping it well mixed.

The movement at the surface also greatly increases the amount of oxygen being dissolved into it. Dissolved oxygen discourages anaerobic microbes which can cause root diseases and feeds oxygen to the friendly aerobic microbes. An air stone helps to keep your plant’s roots healthy while also providing oxygen for the roots to absorb. The Hailea 4 inch air stone will sit flat at the bottom of a tank or reservoir. Adding an air stone to your reservoir really does increase the speed of your plant’s growth and creates a healthier root-system. An air stone is very highly recommended for all hydroponic systems.

Keep your nutrient solution fully oxygenated with an airstone. This circular 4" version is great for the bottom of small reservoirs.

4 Inch diameter airstone will fit into almost any reservoir
Porous stone creates many small bubbles
Mixes and oxygenates your nutrient solution
Oxygenated nutrient solution improves root-health and turbo-charges plant growth
Air pump and air line available separately

Hailea 4" (100mm) Flat Circular Airstone Contains:

1 x Hailea 4" (100mm) Flat Circular Air stone.

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