Hailea 3600l/hr Low Noise 10 Way Air Pump ACO9820 Hydroponics & Aquarium


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Hailea ACO-9820 super silent air pump

Hailea 3600l/hr 1 Outlet Low Noise Air Pump ACO9820 for aerating nutrient solutions

This is a low power consumption air pump and super silent with a multi level muffler, fixed volume output air pumps that are made for quit running and feature long life super flex valves

op quality air pump from Hailea.

This is model number ACO-9820 and is capable of pumping upto 60 litres per minute.

This unique pump has a double dampening system and noise absorbtion funtion that gives high performance with super silent running.

The double flow bars produce a large quantity of air at a very high pressure.

The pump also has a complete waterproof design so no need for any housing and hence always draws in clean air.

Comes complete with 1.5 metres of cable with 3 pin plug. Also has 6 nipple 4mm air manifold branch included in the box but will accept larger manifolds with no problem. it is very low on noise less than 40db, and able to

pump 60l/h of air out .

high power – Low noise

 manifold included

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