Guanokalong Extract Organic Taste Improver 1 litre Promote Taste,Quality & Yield


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Guanokalong Extract Taste Improver 1 litre

Looking for something exotic

Designed to promote taste, quality and yield of crops.

Helps to accelerate rooting structure and promote exuberant flowering, it also helps protect the plant against bacterial pathogens

Guanokalong is made from fossilised bat poo. It makes a fantastic organic tonic to add to your hydro system or soil growing plants. Contains lots of exotic trace elements that are missing from normal fertilisers, improves the yield, and also imparts a wonderful rich  taste to all crops.

An exciting new organic additive that allows you to harness the benefits offered by natural bat guano in an easy to use liquid form. Guanokalong Extract is a great source of organically derived nutrients containing 2% Nitrogen, 2% Potassium and 0.5% Phosphorous as well as a whole host of essential trace elements. Use once a week in addition to your normal bloom feed during the later stages of flowering for enhanced flowers, fruits, tastes and smells 

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