Growth Technology – Green Haze Grow & Bloom A+B – Hydroponic Nutrients


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Growth Technology – Green Haze Grow & Bloom A+B – Hydroponics


Green Haze Grow A+B 

The twin pack 2-part nutrient Green Haze Grow has a wealth of benefits for your growing plants. With the A and B bottle, you only need to mix the desired amounts and add to your plants watering process.

No matter whether your water is hard or soft, Green Haze Grow will see to it that your plants flourish like never before. But, as it is with twin pack mixing, you need to check your pH balance regularly, and you can do this with the Horticare pH Meter, which is sold separately.

Benefits of Green Haze Grow

Best used for the vegetative growth phase of a plants life, this super solution produces strong and healthy plants, and in addition, you will see an increase in the growth speed almost immediately.
The roots receive a particularly good boost from the Green Haze Grow, which will in turn stimulate a rich and vigorous growing pattern.

Hydroponic systems work well with the Grow Haze Nutrient range and we suggest you begin with the Grow Haze Grow twin pack and move on to the Grow Haze Bloom, once you have passed the growth or vegetative phase. The flowering or blooming phase needs much assistance, especially when the water type is abnormal.

Dosage: 1ml per 1 Litre of Water


 Green Haze Bloom A+B

Green Haze Bloom was developed initially for NFT Systems (Nutrient Film Technique), which essentially is the technique used in hydroponic growing gardens, whereby nutrient-dissolved water is dispersed again passed the bare roots of the plants. This tight channel is called a watertight gully.


Advantages of Green Haze Bloom

Working on a similar principal Green Haze Bloom gives plants that extra boost that the Ionic mix can, but in a twin-pack alternative.
With its upgraded level of potassium, which stimulates the enzymes and ATP, the Green Haze Bloom mix produces very fragrant blooms and phenomenal harvest yields.
In addition, you will find a good dose of magnesium and iron, good for the photosynthesis process, i.e. getting those leaves looking green and lush. Without iron a plant cannot produce chlorophyll, won’t get enough oxygen and also won’t produce that beautiful green you want.

While this is a 2-part nutrient mix, it couldn’t be easier to mix and apply. The healthy results are worth the little effort. Stemming from the Dutch, the Green Haze Bloom consistency stays true to their particular nature and heritage, a truly concentrated solution that will do well in many types of cultivations.

When it comes to hard water areas, the Green Haze Bloom 2-part nutrient mix will see your plants thriving in no time.

Dosage: 1ml per 1 Litre of Water


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