Growth Technology – Formulex 100ml,300ml,1L & 5L Seedlings/Cuttings Hydroponics


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Growth Technology – Formulex 100ml,300ml,1L & 5L – Seedlings/Cuttings Hydroponi 


FORMULEX is a general-purpose product that has a thousand uses for the hobby grower. Many beginners use Formulex as it is cost effective and straightforward. Professionals rely on Formulex for feeding seedlings, transplants and clones. In addition it may be used for foliar feeding and for pre-treating RockWool.


Formulex has a buffered pH and usually requires no pH adjustment. It is extremely versatile and easy to use. It is an ideal nutrient for soil grown plants and perhaps the ultimate fertiliser for all house plants.

Formulex is a complete, balanced and stabilised solution containing all the macro and micro nutrients required for optimum plant growth.

Formulex represents a breakthrough in plant nutrition because: 

FORMULEX is the very first formulation to contain a full nutrient profile in a single container.
FORMULEX is concentrated and will make up to 100 times its volume of working solution.
FORMULEX is complete. It is designed for hydroponic applications where every nutrient element must be supplied in solution.
FORMULEX is versatile. It is suitable for hydroponic or soil cultivation and especially recommended for foliar feeding.
FORMULEX is meticulously formulated to express a pH of 6 when made up with tapwater. Hydroponic growers no longer need to worry about pH.

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