Growth Technology – Alpha Coco A & B Nutient For Grow & Bloom Hydroponics


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Growth Technology – Alpha Coco A + B – Base Food to Coco Media


The composition of Alpha Coco is selected in such a way that it not only stimulates the growth of the plants, but also supports the development of useful microflora in the substrate.


Why use fertilizers specifically for coconut substrate?
Coconut fiber has a great capacity to bind nutrient ions compared to other substrates.

When minerals enter the substrate, it blocks their part and makes them inaccessible to plants, which can lead to a potential deficit.

The Alpha Coco fertilizer was developed by Growth Technology, taking into account all the needs of the plant for its complete development in coconut fiber.


Add in turn each component of 3 ml per 1 liter of water, mix well after adding each one. Adjust the pH value of the solution to be in the range of 5.8-6.2.

The manufacturer advises using PK Boost in the flowering stage to achieve the best results.

Coco Part A 5-0-0: Nitrogen (N) – 4.63, ammonium nitrogen – 0.35. (CaO) – calcium oxide – 7, (Fe) iron in the chelate form EDTA – 0.075.

Coco Part B 0.5 – 3.1 -5.3: Nitrogen (N) – 0.53. P2O5 – Phosphorus pentoxide – 3.09, K2O – potassium oxide – 5.34, Cu – copper in the chelate form EDTA – 0.004,

Mn – manganese in the chelate form EDTA – 0.022, Mo – molybdenum – 0.001, Zn – zinc in the chelate form EDTA – 0.005


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