GrowMax – Mega Grow 1000 RO Filter Reverse Osmosis / Water Purifier Hydroponics


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GrowMax – Mega Grow 1000 RO Filter Reverse Osmosis / Water Purifier


Mega Grow – Osmosis
reverse osmosis system for gardening. Up to 1000 L / day of pure water.
Removes 95% of salts and heavy metals.
Helps to stabilize the pH.
Ideal for organic farmers.
Protection of beneficial microorganisms in the soil.
Contributes to the overall efficiency of fertilizers and fertilizer.


Reduces or eliminates: salts, heavy metals, chloramines, nitrates, nitrites, chlorine. Sediment, dirt, rust, oxidation.
Herbicides and pesticides Volatile Organic Contaminants Chemical Contaminants, benzene, toluene, oils, THM, detergents, PCBs).

The water system reverse osmosis garden MEGA GROW 1000 is capable of reducing up to 99% of most contaminants.
This system is designed for use in hydroponics applications or gardens.


The reverse osmosis systems GrowMax Water is the best market to date for the horticultural and gardening sector. These systems are capable of producing between 500L / day and 300L / day of pure water. They have several mechanisms such as a pressure gauge, a flow restrictor and an automatic shutoff valve, guaranteeing optimal performance and reliability of a foolproof for years of service. They allow to eliminate up to 99% of salts, chlorine, heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides, nitrates / nitrites and volatile organic contaminants in the water.



Producing up to 1000 L / day of pure water *
The parameters for optimum operation are:
A temperature of water at 25 ° C
A pressure water inlet between 3 and 5 kg / cm2
A lower water quality or equal to 550 ppm.

Calendar Replacement:
Change every 4-6 months or when needed.


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Uses 1/4 inch pipe and fittings


Water Filtration System


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