Grotek Nutrients Growth/ Bloom Stimulators Hydroponics


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Grotek nutrient Range Bloom/ Growth Stimulators

Heavy Bud™ Pro
High yield is something every grower works for. Making sure it has amazing flavour and aroma is what makes a great grower stand out. This supplement works to bring out essential oils enhancing the natural flavours and taste of any crop. It builds quality into high yields.

Key Features:
Improves harvest quality
Includes multiple carbohydrates and carbohydrate chelates to provide plant energy, increase nutrient availability and stimulate soil biology
Specific amino acids that accelerate plant production and essential oil development

Grotek Bud Fuel
Bud Fuel is a flowering supplement designed to be used alongside your regular fertilizer program. Begin adding Bud Fuel half way through vegetative growth to encourage a flowering response. Must be used in conjunction with your regular feeding program (preferably a flower feeding nutrient). For use on all indoor/outdoor flowers, fruits and vegetables. For commercial or home and garden use.

Grotek Vitamax Pro
Based on a university developed proprietary kelp extraction process, the new Vitamax Pro contains unparalleled energy from the ocean, plant proteins, and a diverse array of nutrients and organic acids essential for growth. This fertilizer supplement can enhance virtually all feed programs by increasing the depth and complexity of plant available nutrition.

Unparalleled energy from the ocean
A diverse array of nutrients and organic acids
Enhance virtually all feed programs

Grotek Solo-Tek Grow
These unique one-part fertilizers are designed for use during the vegetative and floral development stages. The formulas provide all primary nutrients, other essential nutrients and also contain organic compounds for additional plant benefits. The formula provides a wide variety of essential plant nutrients in specific ratios.
SHAKE WELL before using.
NPK: 6-3-7
Fertilizer with Supplements – Soil/Soilless/Water Culture: Mix 2 ml per 1 L of water

Grotek Blossom Blaster 125ml
A high phosphorous formula that triggers flower initiation and key metabolic processes by enhancing the plants own systems.  The nutrient ratios in this product maximize cellular metabolism ensuring peak flower development and improved overall yield.
Commence use during floral initiation before or at bud break. Apply 2−3 times per crop cycle, between bud break and fruit set.
Foliar spray: Mix 0.5 ml per 1 L of water (1/₈ tsp per 1.25 qt) and spray plant foliage.
Soil/Soilless/Water Culture: Mix 1 ml per 1 L of water (¼ tsp per  1.25 qt). PH adjust after mixing as needed.

Grotek Monster Bloom 130g
Monster Bloom™ has gained a reputation for its ability to assist plants during the middle stages of flower development and increase the overall harvest. The high concentration of phosphorous encourages blooming and plays a vital role in plant metabolism. Potassium in the formula improves bloom and fruit quality while impacting photosynthesis and assists starch production within the plant as well as facilitates ripening.

Grotek Pro-silicate
Potassium is an essential element to forming plant structure. Grotek Pro-Silicate (0-0-3) is a potassium silicate solution which can provide potassium as an essential plant element. This product can also provide a means of elevated pH with its alkalinity.
Never add to a nutrient concentrate, add only to the final nutrient solution. Adjust pH levels to 5.8 – 6.8 depending on crop requirements.

Grotek LXR Black
LXR Black™ contains potassium which facilitates cell division/growth, improves the quality of fruit crops and activates enzymes to metabolize carbohydrates. Potassium also helps the plant withstand drought by regulating the opening and closing of stomatas and adding to stalk and stem stiffness.
Hydroponics & Soil/Soilless Applications:
Add 5 ml of LXR Black per 1 L. Continue to use each time the nutrient solution is changed for the duration of the crop cycle. Use in conjunction with a regular feeding program.

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