Grotek – Black Pearl – Monster Bloom – Carbo-Max – Hydroponics


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Grotek – Black Pearl – Monster Bloom – Carbo-Max – Hydroponics


What is Black Pearl™

Black Pearl™ was the first product in our new Grotek™ Organics line! Grotek™ was the first to bring engineered charcoal to our industry in 2009 as a means to improve soil quality, plant growth, and to stimulate soil biology. Black Pearl™ is more than just high-quality charcoal. It is a super mineralized with organic inputs like volcanic and sedimentary rock dust, natural chelates, and kelp extract. The harmony between ingredients provides a dramatic boost to crops when added to any nutrient program. Remember that not all charcoal is the same. At Grotek™ we use virgin wood fibre from sustainably managed forests charred in an engineered pyrolysis process. It is considered a Class 1 product by the IBI standards with a surface area over 700m2/g. Peak efficacy achieved when used to stimulate microbial products like RootMax™.

Key features

Improves soil quality

Drives biodiversity and biological activity

Provides key mineral for plant growth

Derived from:

Activated charcoal, Micronized rock dust, Humic acid, Kelp Extract.

What is Monster Bloom™

A worldwide industry standard, and a top selling bloom enhancer for a reason. Monster Bloom is packed full of essential nutrients that all plants crave as they try to produce maximum yield. This formula provides a powerful punch to plants moving from flower initiation to developing the largest flowers and fruit possible

Key features:

Builds larger flower clusters

Improves harvest yield

Helps crops ripen

Increases shelf life

A closer look:

Nutrients designed to maximize photosynthesis

Provides a specific ratio of nutrients that impact plant growth by:

Activating enzyme activity

Accelerating protein and starch synthesis

Increasing stalk and stem strength

Boosting the movement of sugars and starches within the plant

Regulating respiration and assisting CO2 uptake

What is Carbo Max?

Simple sugars are a great way to impact the root zone of plants and provide energy plants need to produce a quality harvest.

Key features:

Water soluble simple sugars

Added potassium for ripening

Feeds soil organisms

A closer look:

CarboMax is based on simple sugars that provide a rapid energy source for soil organisms and plants to enhance the metabolism of minerals and potentially impact the overall quality of the ripening fruit.

This formula has the added benefit of a highly available source of potassium to further benefit the ripening stage of plant growth ensuring high levels of sugar in flowers and fruit.

Highly soluble this formula can be used in everything from soil right through to water culture.

Directions for use

Avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothing. Wash hands after use. Store in a cool dark location with lid secured between uses.

Soil/Soilless/Water Culture: Mix 100 g of Carbo Max™ per 380 L of water or nutrient solution (3.5 oz / 100 gal). Use throughout the blooming cycle with every fertilizer application/nutrient change.



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