Grodan 1m Vital Rockwool Slab


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Grodan 1m Vital Rockwool Slab

Grodan VITAL 1m Slab 150mm x 75mm

Grodan rockwool growing slab represents the finest in Dutch growing technology and it is the slab most widely used throughout the world by commercial and hobby growers!

This new generation slabs from Grodan replaces the Expert slab and offers the same superior quality with the addition of being simpler to water, safer to buffer and due to its more open fibrous structure – offers faster root development.

Growing in Rockwool slabs is extremely popular, and is ideal for long term plants requiring large root systems. Typically used with drippers and other hydroponic methods, the slabs are compatible with the smaller rockwool cubes used for propagation.

Grodan rockwool slabs stimulate the development of a strong, health root system, allowing the roots to spread evenly through the whole block. The grooves at the base of the block ensure that sufficient air and water reaches the roots. A strong root system and the constant availability of air, water and nutrients ensures vigorous growth through the cycle, producing larger harvests.

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