Greenhouse Powder Feeding Hybrids 1kg Growth & Flowering Stages Hydroponics


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Greenhouse Powder Feeding Hybrids 1kg

Green House Powder Feed – Hybrid one part start to finish. Green House Powder Nutrient, Very simple, very easy very effective. 1g = 1 litre. One powder for grow.. one for bloom. There is also a Greenhouse hybrid one part start to finish nutrient powder 

Hybrids (N-P-K: 15-7-22) Specifically engineered for the growth and flowering of all the hybrid strains, our hybrids Powder-Feeding can be used on any strain that flowers in 8-10 weeks, and it has the best results on crosses and hybrid strains that range from 40% to 60% short. Designed for the whole crop from seeding to harvest, providing the best nutrition during vegetative growth and flowering. Using Powder Feeding means salt build up in the medium is minimal, requiring less frequent flushing.

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