Green-Qube GQ200 (New) – 2.0m x 2.0m x 2.2m – Grow Tent Hydroponics


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Green-Qube GQ200 (New) – 2.0m x 2.0m x 2.2m – Grow Tent

The Green-Qube team have blown the competition out of the water by pouring a huge amount of research and design work into creating a tent that solves a multitude of niggling grow-room issues.

Not only that, Green-Qubes are put together with a level of quality and attention to detail that makes them the standout tent in their price range. Very highly recommended – a fine start to your grow set-up

Green-Qube grow tents are without doubt some of the most impressive tents on the market today and represent amazing value for money. What separates them from the majority of the competition is the amount of planning and attention to detail that has gone into every aspect of their design, solving niggling growroom issues and making life easier for the grower in the process.

The Green-Qube team have also built everything around a framework that’s absolutely rock-solid, capable of supporting 100kg in weight. Green-Qube tents achieve this by getting the basics right and starting with high quality components. The poles are thick and sturdy, at 25mm in diameter. These poles are secured with metal corners that feature a built-in click-system – once they’re slotted in, they stay right in place with no room for movement, helping the framework to remain 100% rigid at all times.

All of your grow room equipment can be mounted from the hanging bars of the Green Qube GQ200 with no problem. High-end reflectors like the Sunlight Supply range are incredibly popular, but they also pack in a lot of weight. If you’re using a Green Qube, you can hang the reflectors of your choice with complete confidence, knowing that the structure has been engineered to effortlessly handle the load. The framework also features an uplift bar that’s built into the horizontal bars that sit on the floor. This uplift bar sits in-line with an access sock and provides an area for you to feed the pipes from your watering system through. If you’re using an IWS or Autopot system you can keep your reservoir tank outside the tent and the piping stays flat on the ground, assisting with gravity feeding and preventing nutrient from draining back towards containers.

The fabric outer shell of the Green Qube GQ200 features access socks for your intake fans and extraction, as well as socks for the power cables to your equipment (and also the access sock for the pipes to your system, next to the uplift bar). Each sock is made up of two separate socks – this double lining prevents light from getting in or out of the tent. 98 percent of the light generated by your lamp is then directed towards your plants, where it’s needed most, thanks to the ultra-reflective, diamond-cut Mylar lining. Double stitching and ten-gauge waterproof military zips make the Green-Qube resilient to the stresses and strains of everyday use, ensuring that it never lets you or your plants down.

Passive vents on the Green Qube GQ200 with mesh coverings are sewn into the outer shell to allow air to be drawn in through the tent as part of your ventilation system.

  • Heavy-duty powder coated 25mm x 1mm poles
  • Extra height over typical tents at 2.2m – great for hanging Gavita Pro Fixtures
  • Metal click-fit corners for a structure cable of supporting 100kg
  • Diamond cut, 98% reflective mylar lining – all double stitched!
  • Enhanced lightproof & waterproof 10-gauge military zips
  • Viewing window to prevent environmental change when checking plants
  • Oversized doubled-layered access socks to fit acoustic ducting
  • Removable groundsheet for catching spills, preventing mess
  • Door hooks for convenient, unhindered access
  • New and improved uplift bars for running pipes to IWS and Autopot systems
  • Ideal for use with 4 x 400w or 4 x 600w lights
  • Supplied with carry-bag for easy transportation

Viewing windows with a clear plastic covering allow you to look inside the grow tent without having to open the door, which can sometimes cause negative changes in your environment. A removable 100% waterproof ground sheet protects the outside of the tent from spillages and mess, and door hooks are sewn in to the main door keep things neat and tidy and to provide easy access. They really have thought of everything !

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