Green Planet Nutrients – BRIX PLUS 1L – Bloom Booster Hydroponics


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Green Planet Nutrients – BRIX PLUS 1L – Bloom Booster Hydroponics


Specialized Foliar Spray – 100% Totally Organic Product – Amino Acids, Carbohydrates, Vitamins, Tricontinol, Enzymes and Proven Biological Yield Enhancers!

What is it?
Brix+ is a unique formula designed to achieve MAXIMUM yields. Scientifically formulated using only the finest high quality natural ingredients. Brix+ is readily available for direct absorption into your favourite flower or herbs for noticeable results.

This 100 % totally organic product incorporates a base of Yucca Shidegra, Fulvic acid, triacontanol, complex and simple carbohydrates along with the following naturally derived active ingredients: L-form amino acids, vitamins, enzymes, enzyme activators and other proven biological yield enhancers.

How does it work?
Brix+ works by transporting critical carbohydrates directly into your favourite flowers or herbs by the use of natural chelators allowing the components of Brix+ to penetrate and boost up the essential oil content. There is no other product like it on the market.

Customers have been raving about this product because they claim it does a great job arresting the spread of powdery mildew and stopping the advancement of bud rot.


Why it works?
Brix+ works because it contains the following ingredients:


YUCCA SHIDEGRA is a wonderful natural preservative, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. Yucca Shidegra is also a natural surfactant allowing the components of Brix+ to be fully utilized. The properties of Yucca Shidegra are said to be the reason for controlling fungus concerns.


These are the building blocks of protein, they enhance the levels of terpenoids, flavonoids, alkaloids and essential oils.


Specially formulated vitamin profile is designed to reduce environmental stress and allow the flowers to reach peak maturity and maximum density.


-is an alcohol based sugar found in high concentrations in bees waste and alfalfa. It has a wide ranging series of effects stimulating the natural production of plant hormones involved in flowering. Triacontanol has been proven to stimulate photosynthesis, increase chlorophyll content, increase cell density and increase CO2assimilation it also allows the plant to process more light to supercharge the production of essential fluids and cell building. Triacontanol found in Brix+ has been proven scientifically to have a direct effect on dry weight. Triacontanol is not found in that many products due to its high expense. We use a unique series of labor intensive extraction techniques to isolate this amazing naturally derived plant steroid.


-Brix+ contains a blend of compounds that bind to a series of enzymes to speed up the plant metabolism and to allow the conversion of the active components of Brix+ to be assimilated in a rapid manner.


dextrose, arabinose, xylose, glucose, fructose, maltose, are just some of the carbohydrates in Brix+. External sources of carbohydrates allow the plant to focus its energy on flowering and essential oil production and not on food production.


This is also known as Fulvic acid and plays a vital role as a chelater of essential minerals and organic compounds allowing them to pass through cell membranes much more efficiently. Fulvic acid stimulates enzyme production critical for plant functions. One of the most important functions of Fulvic acid is its ability to transport the other components of Brix+ and important flowering materials into the cells where they are needed most.


Key Points

This is one of the foundation components of Brix+.
Easy to use formula
Improves color
Improves flavor
Increases yield
Increases essential oil content
Helps arrest powdery mildew spread
Retards advancement of bud rot

It must be noted that it is common for these key components to be in several of our products because we use these ingredients in different ratios coupled with other components to formulate a function specific product. Be rest assured every Green Planet product is unique and different providing a specific function to achieve the finest result.

How to use it?
It comes in a convenient ready to use format so there is no need to worry about how much water to add. Just add it to your favourite spray bottle.

Foliar Spray: Ready to use. Apply liberally 7 – 10 days before harvest.

Please note: Always ensure adequate ventilation and circulation when using this product.


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