Green Planet – Dense – 60g, 500g, 1K, 2.5K


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Green Planet – Dense – 60g, 500g, 1K, 2.5K 


Dense Powder from Green planet is a high quality additive for boosting yields in fruiting plants. It provides a high dose of potassium which is critical for achieving the very best results. Potassium is vital in the activation of more than 80 plant enzymes that regulate plant functions. It’s vital for the opening and closing of leaf stoma, for proper gas exchange and water usage.


Dense has an NPK of 0-0-62, which makes for a pretty potent potassium additive! With that in mind, please be aware of the levels in other products you are using!
Always give nutrients and additives a good shake before using (Even powders!).
This will ensure all of the ingredients that may settle are back in the mix when pouring it out. Add each product to the nutrient tank one at a time, giving a good stir in between.


Never mix concentrates together in neat form as they can react badly, causing clumping if some elements. This can cause malnutrition or ineffectiveness and is a waste of nutrient! We would always recommend following the manufacturers instructions for best results.


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