Green Man – Single Complete Combi Dripper Pot System Hydroponics


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Green Man – Single Complete Combi Dripper Pot System

Each pot has a sloping, raised base that drains each pot entirely of all nutrient back to the central reservoir, mixing up all of your nutrients in the complete system letting you keep complete control of your nutrient levels with exact accuracy, without any build up, whilst keeping your nutrient temperature stable.
Reflective while inner basket built and designed to hold huge plants comfortably whilst deflecting heat, the combination of the drainage holes and retaining grove system keeps your plants hydrated, fed and held firmly in place.
Oxygenating wide gauge dripper ring, feeding your plants from the top as we as the bottom using highly oxygenated nutrient solution pumped up from the reservoir below.
Large Inspection flap for essential nutrient maintenance whilst allowing warm gasses to easily flow out of the reservoir, with airline channels eliminating any chance of kinks or compression in the 4mm airline hoses.
Huge 40L root zone capcitiy
Sloped heel base, draining every last drop of nutrient.
Vented raised base prevents the nutrient solution contacting the floor of your grow space and allowing warmer air to flow under your pot.

Single pot system comes with:
Base pot
Inner Basket
Pumping Column
Water Ring
Sealing Gland
Pipe Clip
Translucent Inspection Pipe
Hailea 2 Way Air Pump
 Air Stone & 4mm Airline Pipe 

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