Gowd WG1 100% Organic & Powerful Root & growth stimulantor 5 Litre Hydroponics


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Gowd – WG1 5 L – 100% Organic & Powerful Root & growth stimulantor


GOWD WG1 is a powerful root and plant growth stimulator that will enable cuttings and seedlings to establish quicker. Their roots will develop branches quicker and in more places, making an elaborate network of roots. Root hairs will also multiply in number, allowing the plant to take up large amounts of nutrients. WG1 stimulates the plant to rapidly gain volume which will prepare it for a heavy flowering stage. It also raises the plants resistance to fungi and disease, protecting its health and maintaining growth.
WG1 is 100% organic and contains a number of beneficial elements. These include extract of seaweed and other plants, vitamins and natural plant hormones. It complies with OECD 301 B and all component meet the organic farming standard.


Using GOWD WG1
GOWD WG1 is suitable for use on cuttings and seedlings and plants up to the 3rd week of vegging. It goes with both base nutrients from GOWD – Gb and Basis. Mix at a ratio of 1ml per litre. Always give nutrients and additives a good shake before using. This will ensure all of the ingredients that may settle are back in the mix when pouring it out. Add each product to the nutrient tank one at a time, giving a good stir in between. Never mix concentrates together in neat form as they can react badly, causing clumping of some elements. This can cause malnutrition or ineffectiveness and is a waste of nutrient! We would always recommend following the manufacturer’s instructions for best results.


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