GHE Flora Duo Grow 500ml Growth Enhancer


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GHE Flora Duo Grow 500ml

FloraDuo is a classic mineral nutrient, with a difference (and an essential one), where each of the elements a plant needs is derived from a large variety of different sources. To create an excellent nutrient, you need of course a precise formula. But this is not all ! It also is very important that each element comes from different sources, and different salts.

This is how they are made available at all times, in a form plants can absorb them. And we don’t stop at that. We add in our bottle elements we could call bio-activators, that are not directly nutrients for plants, but which improve their general health, help them better absorb their food, and better resist to pathogen and insect aggressions.

FloraDuo is a complete nutrient, especially designed for fast growing plants, with a marked difference between growth and flowering needs. It comes in 2 parts: FloraDuo Grow and FloraDuo Bloom. To guarantee the best results, and adapt it to all regions, we offer the Grow in 2 versions : one for hard waters, and one for soft waters. FloraDuo Grow soft water is for demineralised and reverse osmosis waters.

FloraDuo is highly concentrated : 4 ml/L are enough for a balanced and vigorous growth. Its price also is very attractive. FloraDuo is economical and cost effective.

FloraDuo is also user-friendly : by mixing 3 parts FloraDuo Grow with 1 part FloraDuo Bloom, you will address all growth requirements. Then, by reversing these proportions (3 parts Bloom with 1 part Grow), you’ll attend to all flowering needs. FloraDuo guarantees a perfect balance between growing and flowering. You need nothing else for abundant and healthy yields.

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