GHE Bio Bud 500ml Organic Bloom Booster


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GHE Bio Bud 500ml

General Hydroponics / General Organics BioBud helps you get the most out of your plants when they are in the flowering and fruiting stage. Derived from nothing but organic plant materials, BioBud contains a range of bio-stimulants and transport enhancers that act to boost the metabolic activity and mineral uptake of your plants.

The result is plants packed with all the ammo they need to produce an abundance of dense floral clusters and fruits, more flavourful tastes and aromas, and a completely organic method of boosting the potential of your plants during this crucial stage of development.

Key Features of Genral Hydroponics / General Organics BioBud include:

  • Completely organic bloom booster
  • Contains no animal derivatives whatsoever (only plant matter)
  • Increases metabolic activity and nutrient uptake
  • Suitable for use with all hydro systems and substrates
  • Can be used alongside any other fertiliser

BioBud is a suitable bloom booster for any gardener that wants to keep things organic. We personally find this product works best when used in soil as opposed to hydro systems, as the bio-stimulants work in harmony with the microbial life in a high-quality soil.  

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