Gekko Acoustic Box Fan 200mm 8″ 1500 Silent Acoustic Extraction Hydroponics


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Gekko Acoustic Box Fan 200mm 8" 1500 m3 Silent Acoustic Extraction Fan

Gekko Acoustic Duct Fans are used to move air to-and-from your grow area. There are many reasons why this is such a necessity. Plants depend on CO2 as an essential part of the process of photosynthesis. As carbon dioxide is used by plants and levels in the atmosphere become depleted, air in the room needs to be replaced. If stale air isn’t moved from the grow area, moisture quickly builds, raising humidity and triggering problems with mould and rot. Duct fans also tend to be used in conjunction with carbon filters to remove unwanted smells, as air is drawn through layers of charcoal and cleaned to remove odours before it reaches its exit point.

Duct fans are such an important part of any successful grow that it is worth investing in quality equipment to achieve the best possible results. Gekko have produced a fan that ticks every box. They’re efficient and reliable, making use of a prestige Torin Sifan motor; they move a LOT of air, and, as acoustic fans should be, they’re extremely quiet. As an added extra, they also look the business!

The Gekko Acoustic Box Fan should be mounted in a suitable place on a flat surface. Ideally, acoustic ducting should be used with this product to maintain sound at minimum levels. Acoustic fans can only do so much to reduce sound. As air travels through ducting, added noise is generated as it moves over ridges and bends, creating friction.

Do not under any circumstances put your fingers into the spinning blades of a fan. Even a small fan has enough power to cause severe injury and loss of fingers. Just don’t do it, no matter how tempted you are. Keep ducting runs as short as possible as every metre of ducting reduces the flow-rate that the fan can achieve. The more ducting attached, the lower the air-flow. Bear in mind that a carbon filter will reduce the air-flow that your fan can achieve by about 25% just on its own. When turning a corner with ducting try to create a swept bend rather than a sharp knee as this will reduce air-flow by the least amount and also help to keep wind-noise down. To further keep wind-noise down to a minimum, stretch flexi-ducting out as much as possible or use acoustic ducting.

This fan doesnt just look the part, its an all round solid quality fan from the fittings to the motor, they run at extremely low noise levels while moving incredible amounts of air, we highly recommend them.

Why choose the Gekko box fan?

The Gekko was designed and built around our market research, we listened to retailers and built a hydroponic box fan that they could be proud to sell, for us.

‘It’s All About The Box’

The highlights of the Gekko are:

Moisture resistant MDF panels to increase your box life.
Hanging spacesaver option available to increase your grow potential.
Maximum noise reduction.
Torin Sifan Fan
Roll top flange spigot to make connecting any ducting easier.
Lightweight so you don’t break your back.
U.K. Manufactured, quality in a box.
PU and Screw assembled, let’s keep it together.
Lead clamp.
CNC precision cut

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