Gavita – Master Controller EL1 Complete Hydroponic Lighting Controller


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Gavita – Master Controller EL1

The Gavita EL1 Master Controller represents a huge step forward for indoor lighting systems. Now you can replace your contactor / timer set-up by communicating with your ballasts directly via controller cables. The Master Controller system switches up to 40 ballasts from a central point and comes with an easy-to use interface and a clear display. If this wasn’t enough, the EL1 comes with a host of features that will increase safety, eliminate inrush current and lower the chances of experiencing botrytis (rot).

Gavita’s e-series ballasts no longer require a switchboard to be switched on and off and no longer need their own switch to dim or boost them.
Now you can just touch a few buttons on your controller to be in complete control of all your connected ballasts at once. The Master controllers do this, and much more! The Gavita EL controller series currently comprises of two models: The EL1 and EL2. Both feature auto-dim, auto-shutdown, sunrise/sunset and timer. The EL1 has one output channel, while the EL2 has 2 output channels and additional outputs for External Contactor Modules and alarm contacts. For one room without auxiliary equipment or alarm contacts, the EL1 is the best choice for you. 

Gavita – bringing lighting control systems into the 21st century
High-contrast OLED display with simple, easy to program interface
Daisy chains up to 40 Gavita E-Series Ballasts using controller cables (RJ9 to RJ14)
Tackles inrush current issues when running multiple lights
Plug and play – very easy to install
Controls output levels in 10 watt increments from 50% to 115%
Sunrise / Sunset’ mode eases plants from night to day (and vice versa)
‘Auto-dim’ mode automatically reduces lighting output in high temps
‘Auto-shutdown’ mode helps to ensure safe growing at all times
Equipped with two temperature sensors
Calibration facility for temperature probes

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