GAS – Enviro Controller 13 AMP & GHC Controller Multi-Fan controller Hydroponics


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GAS – Enviro Controller 13 AMP & GHC Controller MultiFan controller – Hydroponic


Enviro Controller

Control every aspect of your grow room environment from one controller with the G.A.S Enviro Controller.

Control your grow room temperature and humidity by digitally controlling your fan speeds. The Enviro Controller will automatically control fan speed for both AC and EC fans. As it comes with an inbuilt fan balancer, the Enviro Controller can control both your intake and outtake fans for your grow room. It is built to work perfectly with the Systemair Revolution EC and AC fan range.

The Enviro Controller is easy to set up in your grow room and can be programmed to thermostatically detect changes in the environment and regulate automatically to your pre-programmed parameters, so there will never be any temperature fluctuations in your grow room. Humidity levels are also monitored and maintained with the humidity sensor. You can program day and night settings to keep your desired grow room climate and match up with when your lights are on and off.

As well as controlling your fans, the Enviro Controller comes with two extra fully programmable sockets that can control other environmental grow room equipment like heaters, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, lights and timers. Heaters can be set to come on whenever temperatures drop below certain levels. For heaters, humidifiers and dehumidifiers you can choose different settings for day and night time, so you’ll always maintain the perfect grow room environment. You can control any grow room equipment provided it doesn’t exceed 13 Amps or 2,200 watts per exit. In the instance of grow lights, please don’t exceed 1,200 watts as they have a high start-up surge.

The Enviro Controller also has a dump feature for closed-loop environments. For a full how-to guide, please see our Enviro Controller Instructions.

Controls AC & EC fans
Controls & regulates temperature and humidity in your grow room
Day and night settings
Dump feature for closed-loop environments
LCD display
2 programmable sockets that can control other grow room equipment
Simple navigation and set up
Control humidifiers, dehumidifiers, heaters, lights and timers all from one controller
For grow lights don’t exceed 1200 watts (2×600 watt lights)
AC fans to a maximum of 2200 watts
Built-in fan balancer to run both outtake and intake fans
Max 13 Amp total
Dimensions 20x9cm
1.2 metre power lead
3.8 metre probe length
Works perfectly with Systemair Revolution AC & EC fans


GHC Controller

The GHC Controller is an innovative digital grow room multi-fan controller and balancer, designed to run and balance virtually all fans in any combination.

One of the best grow room fan controllers available due to its precision – use the GHC Controller to control both temperature and humidity levels in your grow room environment. It also has a light sensor to allow you to choose different settings for day and night periods.

With the GHC Controller – you can set it up with practically any fan, EC or AC. It comes with twin AC sockets and twin EC ports that work with most hydroponic fans. The EC & AC ports can be used in any configuration, to suit however you have your grow room ventilation set up.

The sensor is custom made to work in grow rooms – it’s the first digital air temperature, relative humidity and light sensor able to read and send data fast enough to precisely record the environment in your grow room. Unlike some other controller sensors, which have high thermal insulating properties and therefore retain incorrect temperatures after adjustments to your environment, the GHC sensor quickly and accurately records environmental data for unparalleled results.

The GHC Controller has a backlit LCD screen to allow clear viewing of your settings whatever your light level in your grow room. It’s greenlit to reduce light pollution and stress on plants, and all the front panels light can be easily turned off in the menu at any time. Your LCD screen will display the current temperature and humidity, set temperature and current intake and outtake fan speed percentages. The display menu makes it really simple to adjust and change any settings during initial set up and afterwards, to maintain a perfect grow room environment and improve your yields.

The GHC is a plug and play controller, versatile enough to work in any grow room set up and runs silently.

Runs EC Fans (twin EC ports)
Runs AC fans (twin AC sockets)
Hum reduction technology reduces hum from AC fans
Green backlit LCD display screen
View current temperature and humidity
View current intake and outtake fan speed percentages
Digital air temperature, humidity and light sensor
Custom built sensor for accurate environment data
Pick different settings for day and night
Humidity assist
Runs silently
Inbuilt fan balancer – regulate difference between intake and extraction fan
Ideal for use with Revolution Vector EC range
Easy to use interface
Maximum 5 amps of fan equipment
Comes with hanging brackets
3 metre power cable included


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