EZ Rolls – Ratchet Hanger XL 68kg – LUMii Lift Light – LUMii Rope & Highpro


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Ratchet Hanger XL 68kg – LUMii Lift Light – Easy Rollers – LUMii Rope – Highpro 5kg Light hangers


Ratchet Hanger XL 68 kg – x1
Growth Technology Ratchet Hangers are perfect for secure mounting of lights and other heavy items. The ratchet locks the rope in place and will never slip or break. Lights can be hooked on at a safe level and then just raised into position, with minimum effort. Each click of the ratchet raises the item another notch, so lights can be mounted at exactly the right height and then raised or lowered, as needed, with a simple tug of the cord. The included carabiner clips are totally secure and allow heavy items to be safely lifted.

Green Room Ratchet Hangers allows items to be secured quickly and easily, and at just the right height.

Ratchet Hangers are ideal for raising and securing:

Carbon Filters
Rope length = 1.8m
Maximum rating of 68kg each
Designed to fit Green Room support bars


LUMii Lift Light Hanger – x2
Simply attach the LUMii Lift onto a firm fixture using cable ties or chain. You can then suspend your item from the attached carabiner hook. Adjust the grip of the LUMii Lift by tightening or loosening the wing nut on the front. The LUMii Lift has been designed in the UK and this 5 tooth ratchet system is very smooth and easy-to-use.


LUMii Rope Ratchet – x2
The LUMii Rope Ratchets pull tight and lock into place. They are really durable. The LUMii Rope Ratchets are tough and will not let you down whilst they are also heat and cold resistant. Each LUMii Rope Ratchet has two quick release carabiner clips for ease of use and 2.4 metres of tough braided polypropylene rope


Highpro 5kg Light hangers – x2
Its design allows us to easily raise and lower the lamp, pulling or releasing the ending side of the rope.

To fix a position, we only have to tie the rope to the tent poles, thats all.

Easier to use than conventional pulleys
Fixing pulleys up to 5kg capacity
Regulate to the millimeter the height
1.05m rope length (3.4ft)


Easy rollers – x2
These are the original branded Sacla Easy Rollers which work properly, not cheap chinese copies.

Used for hanging lights/shades/reflectors in grow rooms. You can also use these to hang filters, fans etc

Product Features:

The easy roller hangers will support your grow tent light(s) and reflector(s) – up to 5kg in weight.
Simply hook the easy rollers on an appropriate fixture, fasten the nylon suspension cords to the hanging brackets on the reflector, adjust to the required height and tighten the butterfly clamp to secure.
Please use two easy rollers for each reflector to achieve a level position.


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