Ecotechnics Evolution Grow Room Fan Controller


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Ecotechnics Evolution Grow Room Fan Controller

The Evolution Digital Fan Speed Controller monitors temperature and also humidity within your grow room and constantly adjusts the speed of your extraction and intake fans to maintain optimal growing and flowering conditions.

The unit also controls a grow room heater and is compatible with the Ecotechnics Evolution CO2 controller.

This controller can control multiple fans through each channel up to a combined load of 6 amps (per channel) . The heater output will control loads up to 3kW making it compatible with most fan heaters and all solenoid controlled gas heaters.

The Evolution is a more expensive unit than some other options but has superior features and technology so the extra outlay is easily justified for those wishing to have maximum control over their environmental variables. This unit is supplied with comprehensive instructions.

Temperature is one of the most important environmental factors in your grow room / glasshouse. All plants have an optimum temperature at which they will grow at and a minimum and maximum temperature thete they can survive therefore temperature is very important to the health and growth rate of the plant. The Evolution digital temperature control system constantly monitors the temperature in the growing area and independently controls an extractor fan and heater in order to optimise conditions for the plant growth.
Plants grown in optimised environments grow much faster and bigger resulting in increased yields and decreased crop cycle times.
Simplicity in use. Long term reliability. Individual settings for both heater and extractor fan. Full 3Kw load rating. Latest Microprocessor technology. Min and Max memory for fine tuning temperature. Wall mountable. User friendly. Full 1 year warranty.

Evolution is the latest easy to use environmental controller from Ecotechnics. Accurate monitoring of humidity and temperature ensures the perfect growing environment for your crop. Capable of digitally controlling both the intake and exhaust fans independently, upto a combined load of 12amps, plus control over electric/gas heating appliances.


Fully Programmable – Temperature control – Humidity control – Heater control (3Kw)- Advanced control algorithm- Massive 12 amp total fan load- Live display of temperature/humidity- Max fan speed control – Min fan speed control (idle speed) – Temp/humidity sensor (5m cable) – Interface to Evolution CO2 Controller – Full 3 year warranty 

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