EarthAlive Soil Activator – 100g & 300g & 1K For Growth & Higher Yields


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EarthAlive Soil Activator – 100g & 300g & 1K


Earth Alive Soil Activator® is a patent-pending soil inoculant designed for organic and conventional agriculture. It is composed of a blend of naturally-occurring soil microorganisms with a proprietary synergistic active. It does not contain genetically modified organisms or chemically synthesized materials.

When applied to soil, preferably at plant establishment, the beneficial microorganisms of Earth Alive Soil Activator® (strains of Bacillus and Pseudomonas) come to life, multiplying and colonizing the rhizosphere – the narrow region of soil around the roots of the plant.


The beneficial microbial population works in tandem with other active ingredients and improves plant nutrient uptake by converting the soil minerals into easily absorbable nutrients, thus promoting the plant’s health and growth.

The multiple modes of action offered by Earth Alive Soil Activator® produce more vigorous growth and higher yields, resulting in more sustainable agricultural practices and increased profitability for growers.

Earth Alive Soil Activator® uses biology to exceed what is possible
with chemical fertilizers alone.


36% yield increase when used as a stand-alone product
compared to untreated crops
32% yield increase when used in combination with fertilizers,
compared to standard fertilization
Improved water retention
25% to 66% reduction in chemical fertilizers required
to achieve similar yields


How it Works
The three strains of highly functional beneficial bacteria were isolated by scientists from natural soils and selected based on their abilities to improve nutrient availability. We have combined the microbial strains with a unique all-natural synergistic active that enhances their activity, and helps to hold nutrients where the roots can use them. When Earth Alive Soil Activator is added to soil or soil-less substrate the bacteria activate and begin to multiply, surrounding roots in a cloud of bio-activity.


Modes of action
Mineralizes and fixes nitrogen.
Solubilizes phosphorus.
Solubilizes silicate and zinc.
Chelates iron.
Produces nutrient mineralizing enzymes.
Improves plant stress tolerance.
Reduces transplant shock.


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