Cultilene – Stonewool Propagation Tray & Base


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Cultilene – Stonewool Propagation Tray & Base


24 Stone wool plugs in a plastic propagation tray with base, to maximize your propagation success rate. The plugs allow for excellent root development, and are simple to use and easy to pot on.


Directions for use:

Pre-soak the plugs with a dilute hydroponic nutrient solutions, pH 5.5 – 5.8, then allow the excess to drain through thoroughly. (To speed this up you can shake some out, but never squeeze the plug).

Using a narrow pointed object such as toothpick or drill bit, turning while doing it, carefully make holes in the plugs as per the specifics below.



The holes should be slightly wider than the longest dimension of the seed, and about 3 times as deep. Put the seeds into the holes ensuring they fall to the bottom.

Place the tray in a warm place, 18-22 degrees C is ideal.



The holes should be 10-15mm deep, and slightly wider than the stem of the cutting so no damage will occur. Put the cuttings into the holes to the bottom. Place the tray in a propagator with any vents closed, and position in a warm place (ideally 22 degrees C) with moderate light. Lightly mist the cuttings with lukewarm water to maintain high humidity.


The plugs should be maintained in a moist, but not wet state. Allowing the plugs to dry out will kill the young seedlings, as will over-watering.

Root development can be checked and measures by gently picking the plug out of the tray. When roots are clearly visible, the young plant can be transferred to your chosen media.


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