Clonex – Rooting Hormone Gel & Mist Ideal For Cuttings / Seeds


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Clonex – Rooting Hormone Gel & Mist Ideal For Cuttings / Seeds


Clonex Rooting Gel

Clonex Rooting Gel contains rooting hormone, anti-fungal agent, nutrients and trace elements to promote strong root growth in freshly taken cuttings.

Clonex Rooting Gel contains rooting hormone, anti-fungal agent, nutrient and trace elements. When the end of a freshly taken cutting is dipped into the Gel it seals the cut-end and the rooting hormone encourages root-shoots to form. An anti-fungal agent helps to keep stem-rot at bay during this delicate time and a small amount of nutrient and trace elements help feed the rooting process. Used as part of your propagation process, Clonex Rooting Gel will significantly increase your success rate and reduce the time it takes for cuttings to take root.


For use on freshly taken cuttings
Significantly increases the success rate of rooted cuttings
Reduces the time it takes for a clone to begin rooting
Contains a rooting hormone to encourage roots to form
Anti-fungal agent helps ward off stem-rot
Provides a little nutrient and trace elements for strong root development
Can be used with any type of rooting-plug


Clonex Mist

Get monster roots up to 10 days sooner! All you need is Clonex Rooting Mist.

It’s a non-toxic blend of minerals, amino acids and additives. Results are jaw-dropping.
An independent trial found you’ll get up to 156% more roots, up to 30% longer roots, up to 10 days sooner.
Use Clonex Mist to pre-treat mother plants and as a foliar spray for propagating plants.
It’s simple to use – you don’t have to dilute, just spray. It’s as easy as that.


Ready to be amazed? Try Clonex Mist today. You’ll wonder how you grew without it.
Foliar additive for propagating plants (before & after propagation)
For pre-treating mother plants
Shorter rooting times (transplant up to 10 days sooner)
Denser root mass (up to 156% more roots!)
Longer roots (up to 30% longer)
Significantly increases cutting success rates
Safe & non-toxic
Easy to use – just spray!


Root Riot 24 Tray

Root Riot cubes are made from composted organic materials and have a great spongy texture, which retains the perfect air/water ratio for healthy, rapid root growth.Suitable for both cuttings and seeds, Root Riot® consistently outperforms alternative media.The cubes are specially inoculated with micronutrients and biologically active ingredients to nourish young plants, and to aid root development.

A propagation medium blended from organic materials perfect for soil and hydroponics


Simple to use.
Faster, more vigorous rooting.
Clean and dust free.
Reliable results.
Fully biodegradable.

Perfect for cuttings
Perfect for seeds


Root Riot has proved a hugely successful product for plant propagation. These cubes make it so easy to provide the ideal moisture and aeration levels for successful germination of seeds or rooting of cuttings.

We are now pleased to unveil our new packaging to further enhance the attractive branding. The new refill pouches are resealable, allowing growers to keep the cubes moist until they are needed.


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