CFL Propagation Light Kits – Reflector + CFL Bulb 125W – 250W – 300W Hydroponics


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Propagation Lights Kits – Reflector + CFL Bulb 125W – 250W – 300W


The PowerPlant PRO CFL Reflector brings together all the benefits of a closed dual parabolic design with the energy saving qualities of compact fluorescent lighting. Supplied with 2m power lead and plug. Can be used horizontally or vertically inside or outside the plant canopy. The PRO CFL Reflector accepts CFLs and other bulbs makes of self ballasted CFLs up to 300w. Simply plug in and grow. This system has a low profile, is lightweight and convenient whilst also being very easy to hang and has an on/off swtich incorporated as well.
Dimensions L: 530mm x W: 320mm x H: 180mm


CFLs are the best on the market, giving you excellent quality and guaranteed reliability. All lamps in the camgrow are energy efficient with low heat output and come complete with an integrated electronic ballast. CFLs are available in two colour temperatures to suit each plant stage: red 2700K and blue 6400K.


CFL Dual Spectrum 250W/300W. The latest in horticultural technology, they are enhanced with red and blue colour temperatures to provide both essential light wavelengths throughout the growing process. As a result you are always guaranteed optimum plant yields.


Blue ( Veg ) – 125W – 250W – 300W – 6400K
Red ( Flower ) – 125W 250W – 300W – 2700K
Dual Spectrum – 250W – 300W


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Kit CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamp)




125W – 250W – 300W


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