CANNA – Rhizotonic – Boost – PK 13/14 – CannaZym – Stimulates Hydroponics


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CANNA – Rhizotonic – Boost – PK 13/14 – CannaZym – Stimulates Hydroponics


CANNA – Rhizotonic
The best plants are always those that get off to the best start. Feeding or spraying your young cuttings with Canna Rhizotonic enables them to grow roots faster whilst ensuring that a more vigorous, healthy beginning to life is enjoyed.
A seaweed-based root stimulant, Canna Rhizotonic is a root stimulant that can be used with either hydro, coco or soil.
Technically an additive and beneficial, we would always recommend using a root stimulant during the early stages of plant development as this will help to ensure a healthy plant during the flowering stages.
Stimulates new root growth on cuttings and transplants
Aids in the recovery process of any plant or cutting that has been subjected to stress in any way whatsoever
Enhances overall plant growth and chemical reactions in the plant to ensure a healthier and stronger plant
CANNA RHIZOTONIC speeds up the germination process when used to soak seeds prior to planting
CANNA – Boost 
Canna Boost Accelerator is an additive that should be mixed in with your regular base nutrient solution from the onset of your flowers developing on your plants. When your plants are thriving and many flowers are forming you can raise the rate of Canna Boost in your solution, to help your flowers and fruits increase even more.
Canna Boost Accelerator boosts the metabolism of your plants. This is important because the uptake of nutrients depends greatly on the plant’s health and metabolism rate. ‘Boosters’ such as Canna Boost will increase your plants’ ability to take up nutrients by raising the plants’ metabolic rate.
With Canna Boost Accelerator you are guaranteed both a higher yield and an exceptional taste. Canna Boost Accelerator increases the speed of photosynthesis which greatly increases the sugar production in the fruits. This makes the taste sweeter and the natural flavours in the fruits higher in concentration.
Suitable for use with all growing mediums and substrates
Even higher yields in combination with PK 13/14
Better ripening and strengthened immune system
Fuller, more powerful taste
CANNA – PK 13/14
PK 13/14 is a high grade mixture of phosphorus and potassium that is added during the flowering phase. Both elements play a big role during the flowering phase of fast growing plants. Thanks to a special production process CANNA has succeeded in combining pure phosphorous and potassium in very high concentrations and this makes PK 13/14 available to the plant quickly and directly.
A Phosphorus and potassium boost is of great benefit to our plants. Phosphorus and potassium play an important part in the generative phase of plants’ growth. Canna PK 13/14 combines pure phosphorous and potassium in very high concentrations.
PK 13-14 has been proven by professional growers worldwide to increase the weight of your harvest.
Unlike substandard potash products, PK 13-14 has a guaranteed composition of 13% P205 and 14% K20.
PK 13-14 is totally unique, absolutely safe, easy to use and incredibly effective.
PK 13-14 is not a nutrient. It is a nutrient additive.
A proven product that every grower should be using.
CANNA – CannaZym 
CANNAZYM contains several easy-to-absorb vitamins that stimulate the plant to form new roots. A well-developed root system uses of a lot of young growing-points. Elements like calcium, magnesium and iron are absorbed exactly by these growing-points.
Furthermore, a substance that has been isolated from desert plants has been added to CANNAZYM, as a result of which the plant’s natural defence system will be improved. Activation of the defence system of the plant increases the protection against pathogenic organisms.
A defence system that functions optimally allows the plant to react quickly against an imminent attack; eventual damage will be prevented or limited. Cannazym prevents bacteria and harmful mould. Dead roots form an ideal environment for moulds. They are a threat to the healthy roots. The moulds cause stress to the entire plant and stunt any new growth.
Speeds up the process of breaking down dead root material and activates beneficial micro-organisms
Helps plants take up nutrients and increases the resistance against diseases
Prevents bacteria and harmful mould
Improves the soil environment


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