Canna Propagation & Starting Nutrient Package Hydroponics


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Canna Hydroponic Propagation Pack….

Everything you need to propagate in rockwool from seed or cutting.

Vegetative growth begins from the moment your plants start to sprout roots and continues right up until early flowering. During this period your aim is to "fine tune the engine" of each individual plant so that they can cope with a highly demanding final few weeks of explosive growth.

Initial concerns should be directed towards your roots and the laying of strong foundations for future development. Here we have an amazing array of products that encourage your plants to perform very specific and incredibly useful functions – whether it be breaking down old and damaged root mass, building a protective barrier against disease or promoting efficient nutrient transportation!

When roots are firmly established your attention should turn to strengthening stems and leaves, increasing plant material and achieving vigorous growth by all means possible.

Pack contents…

1 x Canna Aqua Vega 1L A+B

2 part re-circulation nutrient for vegetative growth.

Use in any water based system.

1 x Liquid Silicon 250ml

Gives strength and resilience to your crop.

1 x pH Down 250ml

Required to control the pH of nutrient solutions.

Vital to ensure optimum plant performance.

3 x Grodan 3" Cube Large Hole Strip of 8

Larger cube for "growing on" from starter cube.

1 x Medium Unheated Propagator

Gives seedlings and young plants the best possible enviroment.

1 x Canna Start 500ml

One part nutrient solution for seedlings and rooted cuttings.

1 x Clonex 50ml

Rooting hormone gel for for root stimulation in cuttings.

Highly Recommended.

1 x Scalpel

Used to take cuttings and trim plants.

1 x Canna Rhizotonic 1L

Excellent cutting booster and stress reliever.

1 x Root!t 24 1" Stonewool Cube Tray

2 x 5ml Pipette

Ideal for accurate measurement of liquids.

1 x 10ml Syringe

Used to accurately measure nutrients/liquids.

1 x 5L Bucket with Lid

Used to mix and store water/nutrients.

 The best plants are always those that get off to the best start. Feeding or spraying your young cuttings with Canna Rhizotonic enables them to grow roots faster whilst ensuring that a more vigorous, healthy start is enjoyed.

You still need to use Clonex when taking cuttings, however Canna Rhizotonic will speed up the whole propagating process. It gets our full recommendation as the best stimulator for cuttings

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