CANNA – Boost 5L – Accelerator Flower Boost Nutrient Hydroponics


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CANNA – Boost 5L – Accelerator Flower Boost Nutrient Hydroponics

This is a flowering booster containing a special mixture of plant extracts, sugars, micro-nutrients, vitamins and amino acids. It works by increasing a plant’s metabolism and stimulating flower and fruit production. It also increases a plant’s health and immunity to disease during it’s critical flowering period.


Canna Boost Accelerator can be used as a foliar spray or as a nutrient solution additive. Because it contains only tiny quantities of nutrient it can be used in addition to your normal base nutrient and PK-type booster to give you outstanding quality blooms and a considerably increased crop weight.
It is highly effective when added to the root-feed, but possibly works even better as a foliar-feed as it is getting directly on the plant where it is needed.


This product can be used to increase a plant health and vitality at any time of it’s lifecycle. However, this product makes the biggest difference during the flowering phase. For best results use it as soon as the first flowers begin to appear and continue to use right the way through to the flush. It can be used for plants grown in any grow medium (substrate) and it can be used in hydroponics or for hand-feeding.


The advantages of use CANNA BOOST Accelerator include:

Better Flowers
Suitable for use with all growing mediums and substrates 
Even higher yields in combination with PK 13/14
Better ripening and strengthened immune system
Fuller, more powerful taste 
CANNABOOST Accelerator is a product that distinguishes itself from the existing booster products in every aspect and is also typified as being: “The new boost generation”.

Recommended dosage: 4ml/Litre.


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