CANNA – Bio Vega,Bio Flores,Bio Rhizotonic & Bio Boost – Full Range Hydroponics


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CANNA – Bio Vega,Bio Flores,Bio Rhizotonic & Bio Boost – Full Range


Canna’s Bio range is a 100% organic fertilizer designed for use with soil and used during the growth and flowering phases.

CANNA Bio Vega formula has a high content of easily absorbable Nitrogen which stimulates healthy root development as well as strong growth. Bio Vega cleverly releases the Nitrogen according to your plants needs as well as giving your plants rich minerals to stimulate your plants metabolism; increasing resistance to disease and other harmful bacteria.


CANNA Bio Flores is full of minerals which your plant needs to achieve a healthy bloom. It provides the perfect nutrient balance so all your plant’s needs are catered for – as well as improving the quality of the soil.


Canna Bio Rhizotonic is a great choice of organic root stimulant. This natural stimulator is full of rich vitamins, including vitamins B1 & 2 which are essential for promoting healthy a healthy root zone. It can be used to assist young plants which are vulnerable, as it aids in making plants resistant to diseases. Bio Rhizotonic stimulates the production of hormones, producing strong roots, speeding up growth and improving unhealthy or poorly developed plants.


CANNA Bio Boost is an organic, active flowering stimulator. This unique formula contains vital amino acids to speed up the metabolism of your plant. Bio Boost increases the amount of nutrients your plants can intake, leading to vigorous growth rates. Using this product will not only optimise yield but also improve quality of flower and taste.


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