CANNA – Bio Flores 5L – 100 % Organic Plant Nutrient


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CANNA – Bio Flores 5L – 100% Organic Soil Nutrient


Using Bio Flores stimulates the microflora around the plant roots to improve soil quality and biodiversity. A biologically active soil environment helps your plants more easily absorb water and nutrients so they can concentrate on creating blooms and fruits. Bio Flores helps stimulate your plants metabolism and increase resistance to disease, harmful bacteria, pathogens and fungi.

Canna is one of the best-known and trusted names in the hydroponic plant-feed business. Canna Bio Flores is an excellent plant food for the flowering stage. Bio Flores is fully organic accredited and will help you to grow beautiful plants the all-natural way and will give you superior quality crops with an unbeatable taste.

Canna – Well-known and long-standing brand – trusted by thousands of growers world-wide
Can be used as part of a fully organic feeding schedule.
Great for use on organic soil
Made especially for the flowering stage
Feeds beneficial micro-organisms for a thriving root-zone
No chemicals gives you a cleaner tasting crop
Fully certified as organic by SKAL and ECO
Works great with the Canna Bio range of feeds and boosters
BIOCANNA nutrients do NOT contain animal products and are produced organically by a special plant fermentation process. They are rich in available plant nutrition and stimulate the plant’s metabolism and resistance.

Canna Bio Flores : N-P-K 2.5-2.0-5.0


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