Canadian Xpress Mighty Growth Enhancer 1 Litre


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Canadian Xpress Mighty Growth Enhancer (Essential Nitro) 1 Litre

Mighty Growth Enhancer can do it. Hot Mix Technology allows us to sequester the nitrogen in solution to make it available only to the plant.
A sustained release of nitrogen means that the plant will never be short of this essential element. Your plants will be greener and healthier than ever before.
Canadian Xpress – Technologically advanced products that really work!

Veg booster provides a sustained slow-release of nitrogen
Combats nutrient imbalances
Makes leaves greener and healthier
Encourages faster, lusher growth
Perfect for use with the range of Canadian Xpress boosters and additives
Usually, the nitrogen provided in a nutrient solution will be taken up and used much faster than other essential nutrients. This causes an imbalance in the nutrient solution in the reservoir. Once the balance has been upset, the plant may run short of nitrogen before the next reservoir change. This can cause the colour in plant leaves to pale and lead to slower growth. Mighty Growth Enhancer provides a slow but steady release of nitrogen to ensure that plants do not run short in-between reservoir changes. A steadier nitrogen availability leads to lusher, greener plants and faster growth.

Canadian Xpress Mighty Growth Enhancer recommended dosage: 1ml/litre

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