Buddhas Tree – Solar Green Power Silicic Acid Silicon Additive Hydroponics


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Buddhas Tree – Solar Green Power

The potential benefits of supplimenting your plants with silicon are well known, we feel it’s essential. What most growers don’t know is that our understanding of silicon is an ongoing evolution and we now have a deeper understanding than ever before. The important thing to understand about silicon is that your plants can only absorb and use it efficiently in its simplest form, it is called silicic acid. As a pure silicic acid based supplement it is completely usable and absorbable, meaning that it will truly unlock the real power of silicon within your plants.
The simplest, most soluble basic form of silica.
Promotes better leaf and plant formation with better shape and symmetry.
Increased concentrations of Chlorophyll resulting in more efficient light use.
Promotes more efficient use of CO2 absorbed by plants.
Overall increase in plant strength and cell integrity.
Buddha’s Tree Solar Green Power will ultimately result in healthier, stronger and sturdier plants capable of supporting more foliage and producing fruit with a larger bio-mass.

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