Buddhas Tree – Advanced Meta Boost Bloom Bio Stimulantor Hydroponics


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Buddhas Tree – Advanced Meta Boost

Following on from their fantastic success with PK 9-18, Buddhas Tree have introduced Advanced Meta-Boost which actively boosts your plants metabolism leading to bigger and more fragrant blooms! Buddhas Tree Advanced Meta-Boost is designed to be used during the flowering/fruiting period, along with Buddhas Tree – PK 9-18, for a crop that can’t be beaten!

Buddhas Tree Advanced Meta-Boost is crammed full of goodness for your plants. It contains several ingredients such as amino acids, seaweed extract, plant sugars, plant hormones and some special secret additives which all work together to give you the best possible harvests, time and time again.

Buddhas Tree Advanced Meta-Boost can be used with any brand of base nutrient. For best results use a quality brand of base nutrient and use with Buddhas Tree PK 9-18.

Includes a gamut of bio-stimulates including Cytokines and Auxins
Counters environmental stress with the addition of Betaine Glycerine
Contains micronutrients needed for healthy plant growth and development
For use in soil, coco or hydroponic systemsDeveloped by one of the world’s leading chemists
Can be used with almost any medium and grow-system.
Formulated for use in a plant’s flowering cycle

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